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15th May School reopens in Mogadishu after 26 years

Banaadir administration today re-opened the 15th May Primary School 26 years after it was forced to shut down as result of civil war.

The school which is supported by the Egyptian government through provision of teachers and facilities was opened by Banaadi governor Thabit Abdi Ahmed accompanied by Egyptian consul to Somalia Tamer Safwat Al-Mahdy during a ceremony in Warta Nabada district in Mogadishu.

Ahmed said the re-opening of the school was a remarkable step towards development of the sector education in the country.

“After more than 20 years, The 15th May School has been reopened which is a historic step. Our role in this is to make sure we provide a 100% free tuition for all students. I thank the Egypt government for the provision of teachers, textbooks and uniforms for free” said Governor Ahmed.

The governor said Banaadi administration cater for the tuition fees and salary for all the teachers while appealing to parent to enroll their children in the school.

On her part, Commissioner Warsame thanked the Banaadir administration of the efforts in re-opening the school.

“It is an honour for us to convey our gratitude in this juncture to the governor of Banaadir region without whom we could not realize this project. Secondly I want to thank also the residents who took care of this school and made it up to this day. The school is made of up 23 classrooms” said Commissioner Warsame.

Many famous personalities studied in 15th May School among them the current Deputy Governor of Social Affairs Banadir region Abdulahi Ilmi Haji (Ereg) who was one of the students.