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A plane carrying humanitarian aid fire in Qansahdhere village, Bay region

Storyline:National News, Security

Reports indicate a Plane carrying humanitarian relief sprayed bullets while approaching Qansahdhere airfield on late Sunday evening in Bay region.

Apart from Purported pictures shows bullet holes on the plane body, no injuries reported on the incident. Though there is no clear evidence, residents said Al-Shabab strongholds present near the area are suspected.

On 4th May 2020, The Embraer 120 African Express aircraft crashed in Bardale district accused of Non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops hooking down the plane carrying medical aid to the area resident.

A Joint commission including Somalia’s Minister of Transport accompanied by Southwest regional Minister of Transport, Ethiopian and Kenyan Ambassadors visited the plane crash site in Bardale district.

AMISOM’s head of mission Francisco Madeira said the joint inquiry would be aimed at clarifying the circumstances surrounding this incident as he supported the effort.

Non-AMISOM Ethiopian national defence forces denied the accusation alleged for the Bardale plane attack and the killing of six people in the incident.

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