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Academics explore innovation through science in inaugural science conference at SIMAD university

Panel discussions during the 1st science and technology conference which kicked on in SIMAD university July 27, 2017. Photo: SIMADThe 1st Conference on Engineering, Science, and Technology officially commenced on the 25th July at SIMAD Main Campus and ended on the 27th July 2017.

The conference was attended by more than 250 members, mostly from local academia, researchers and practitioners with the aim to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices in the fields of Engineering and Technology.

Eng. Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed, Deputy Rector Institutional Development at SIMAD University, officially opened the conference and welcomed all participants. He also expressed the University’s pleasure at the privilege of hosting the 1st conference on Engineering and Technology, bearing in mind that the University was the first institution in Somalia to offer Information Technology program.

Among the guests at the official opening of the conference was the President of Jamhuriya University of Science and Technology, Mr. Mohamed Ali Jimale, who delivered his keynote address.  He appreciated the conference organizing team as well as honored SIMAD University for being a role model to other Somali Universities. He also emphasized the conference theme: to promote innovation and creativity through Engineering, Science and Technology.

The conference was sponsored by Hormuud Telecom, the leading Telecommunication provider in Somalia. President of Hormuud foundation, Mr. Abdullahi Nor Osman attended the conference. Speaking at the plenary opening, Osman stated that Hormuud Telecom is proud to support the conference and engage in such educational forums.

This was followed by keynote speakers’ address. Eng. Mohamud Mohamed Alasso, Deputy Rector Admin & Finance at SIMAD University and Mr. Liban Ali Afrah, Manager of Quality Department at Hormuud Telecom Somalia headlined the conference. Both have briefly spoken about the history of Information Technology in Somalia and its industrial development.

The first day of the conference concluded with two parallel conference workshops facilitated by Passionate specialists in the field of Engineering and Technology. The next day of the conference has gone with presentation of the papers and manuscripts.

The 3rd and final day of the conference was held at Hotel Afrika and most of the sessions were about panel discussions, roundtable meeting, and open forums. Two interesting panels were presented. The topics addressed in the panel were: ICT in Teaching and Learning, and the current internet connectivity in Somalia.

The panelists shared their personal insights and best practices for organizations and institutions working to strengthen Technology and Innovation.

Before the closing remarks, two authors were given ‘Best Paper Awards’. Mr. Mohamed Abdirahman Adow, Lecturer at SIMAD University- Faculty of Computing was presented with ‘Best Paper Award’ on assessment made among lecturers. Also, Mohamed Yusuf Hussein, Postgraduate student at Karadeniz Technical University also received ‘Best Paper Award’. He was in Turkey but presented his paper through Skype.

The Rector of SIMAD University, Prof. Dahir Hassan officially closed the three-day conference. He thanked all presenters, panelists, participants, sponsors and all present for their participation of the conference. He noted that SIMAD University stands for generating knowledge through research and development. He shared with the participants that the University is planning to allocate specific research grants to all interested in research to generate knowledge and promote Research & Development

SIMAD University is always committed to providing such educational platforms to promote research in the pursuit to build a bridge into the future.