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Alhu Sunna to get 20 seats in Galmudug parliament-deal

Storyline:National News

The Federal Government and Alhu Sunna Wal Jamaa have struck a deal that will see the moderate Islamist group get 20 seats in the new Galmudug parliament ahead of the expected elections.

According to the agreement seen by Goobjoog News the two sides agreed to share the seats in what could end a potential renewal of conflict ahead of the elections. The arrangement will also last only for the duration of the next parliament.

Alhu Sunna leader Mohamed Shakir said in a statement he welcomed the agreement noting, “We compromised for the interests of Galmudug.”

According to the founding constitution of Galmudug, the state assembly is composed of 89 MPs drawn from the various sub-clans within the state.

An IGAD-brokered agreement in December 2018 saw the inclusion of Alhu Sunna into Galmudug state administration which resulted in the expansion of parliament to over 200 MPs. The deal however was not fully implemented since Galmudug parliament was already fractured with one side allied to the Speaker Ali Dareed and the other to President Ahmed Haaf.

According to the elections timetable, the selection of MPs was supposed to commence on December 9 and culminate into the election of new president December 23. However, none of the timelines have been met and there are indications the elections may be delayed into January.