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Clan militias clash broke out in Galgaduud region, Somalia

Storyline:National News

Clan militiamen have clashed in deadly battle on early Thursday at Khandhale in Galgaduud region.

The militias fought over land-related issues according to locals.

Four people including a woman were killed and more than 10 people were injured in the clashes between the rival clans.

Some of the injured people were taken to hospitals in Mudug as still, the tension remains high.

Villagers in many areas of the region have fled in fear of revenge attacks and still, there is no immediate response from the traditional elders and leaders from the region to ease the tension and enmities between the two clans in the areas.

Arguments over land use, boreholes and pasture have perennially contributed to fighting among Somali clans who are largely pastoralists.

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