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Editorial: National Examination, the Government Has Passed the Test

Madaxweynaha oo muraaqib ahIn 25 years, Somali Education Ministry has for the first time successfully conducted a centralized National school-leaving examination for secondary education.

This is not only a sign that Somalia is going the right direction after decades of difficulties and hardships but rather a milestone to the overall direction of Somali formal education.

Somali Federal Education Ministry has faced a number of obstacles to execute the centralized exams; intense opposition from the nNetworks, parents, Alshabab and technical matters, but despite all these nevertheless the ministry stayed steadfast to achieve its goals.

7000 students of 17000 who completed their secondary education has finally made the way to centralized exam tables and thanks to high level security arrangement no major security incidents has been reported.

Some of the newly formed and forming Federal States has also heeded the ministry’s call for centralized exam , this includes Jubaland Administration despite the rift between Federal Government and Administration.

Puntland has however conducted the exam on its own weeks ahead, and this is because of previous arrangement with the minister to do so.

One centralized exam, one national army, national identity card and one passport is one of the unifying factors of this franchising country, making it a glimmer of hope after decades of anarchy.

In the course of the exam some irregularities have been reported; and perhaps most importantly students without proper school references may have been admitted to the Centralized Exams, according to critics.

However the timely and strong decision by the Education Ministry had all the ingredients of good leadership and commitments to establishing vibrant state. It commendable actions that shouldn’t go unrewarded.

But this victory for the ministry should ignite any form of punishment for those who opposed the exams, instead there must be genuine understanding and compromise between Private education Networks and the Ministry.

By this time next year the Somali Federal Education Ministry has no any other option but to develop and pass the required bills of Private education, strengthen the quality of curriculum, teachers, Education centers, technical capacities and most importantly gain the trust of the public.

Private Education Networks in their side should appreciate the role of the government and most importantly apply the rules they campaigned for.


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