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‘Elections will not be held if Indho-qarshe is barred from parliamentary race,’- clan forces


GOOBJOOG NEWS/DHUSAMAREB: Clan forces from Galkayo have sounded a warning to the Qoorqoor administration that they will not partake in the upcoming parliamentary elections if the former army chief, Dahir Indho-qarshe is barred from the race.

The agitated clan forces announced their stand on the outskirts of Galkayo where they had gathered to protest the exclusion of Indho-qashe, warning that they would overrun the polling station where elections are expected to take place, failure by the Galmudug president to reverse his earlier decision on reserving the seat for women.

The clan forces further accused Qooqoor of failing to honor their choice, claiming that Indha-qarshe was being treated unfairly after his seat, among all other seats, had been reserved for women.

The Galmudug Head of State is expected to travel to Galkayo to sort election issues, amid fears that the clan forces may cause chaos at the town’s polling station.

Earlier in the week, protests took place in Galkayo after news broke out that the ex-SNA chief, Indha Qarshe, had been barred by the Qoorqoor administration from running for the HOP020 seat.