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EU Ambassador pledges support in reconstruction following Mogadishu terror attack

Storyline:National News
EU Ambassador Veronique Lorenzo said the bloc is actively involved in relief efforts and will support in the reconstruction process. Photo: Goobjoog News|Oct 19, 2017

The European Union has expressed its solidarity and support towards relief efforts following the October 14 attack that claimed over 300 lives and injured more than 400 others in Mogadishu.

EU ambassador to Somalia Veronique Lorenzo said Thursday while visiting Zope Junction the scene of the attack the bloc was providing medical supplies and technicians in support of recovery efforts. Ambassador Lorenzo also said she was deeply saddened by the horrendous attack.

“I came here today to pay my respects to the victims of this attack. The first message of the European Union is one of solidarity. I wanted to witness; to see with my own eyes. I am really speechless by the cruelty of this attack; killed a lot of innocent civilians.”

In the immediate reaction towards this attack, Ambassador Lorenzo said, “We have mobilized some medical supplies, some emergency kits through our humanitarian office.”

“We have the EU NAVFOR ATALANTA, our ships patrolling the coast of Somalia that have also made available technicians and materials. Also EUTM, the European Union Training Mission that has kindly donated some medical supplies.”

Ambassador Lorenzo noted the EU was working closely with the Somali government to help in the reconstruction process while applauding efforts so far in clearing the debris and reconstructing the site.

“Beyond that, I came here to look at the reconstruction, to talk to the mayor of Mogadishu and ask him what is needed. I am so impressed by the steps taken to clean up the site and the machinery to rebuild the roads.”

She observed that the EU will help in infrastructure development in addition to supporting the people whose families were affected in the attack. “We are also talking with Ministry of Planning, the mayor of Mogadishu on how European Union can best assist,” the envoy added.

The EU’s support is part of global response towards relief efforts in aid of victims of the Saturday attack and reconstruction efforts. Kenya and Turkey have airlifted the injured for treatment in their respective countries while Qatar and UAE have transferred several others to Sudan where they pledged to meet all the medical costs. The US sent in medical supplies.

Several UN agencies are also actively involved in the relief efforts.