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FGS Interior minister appoints a committee for the Galmudug reconciliation meeting

Storyline:National News

The interior minister of the federal government of Somalia Abdi Mohamed Sabriye has last night appointed a commission for the reconciliation meeting of Galmudug state.

The committee appointed consists of 12 members from all the various communities living in the Galmudug state.

The statement adds that once the gathering is accomplished the commission members will select one chairman, 2 deputies and 3 secretaries, and the task of the committee will become a collective responsibility.

The commission for the reconciliation conference is responsible for the connections between communities, collecting and assembling delegates representing the various communities in the conference and ensuring the possible long term solution on social and political differences among the communities living in Glamudug region.

The commission will work with a secretary of the interior ministry of the federal government that will be going to work equally with the commission.

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