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Flash floods kill seven people in Awdal, Somaliland as drought persists

Storyline:National News

Seven people have been confirmed dead among them the elderly and children in Awdal region, Somaliland following flash floods in the last few days.

Awdal governor Mohamud Ali Suleiman told Goobjoog News heavy rains pounded the place for some days washing away the seven in Dilla village, some 30 kilometres south of Borama town the capital of Awdal.

The deaths come even as the region battles with hunger which has ravaged the region with reports of human and livestock deaths.

A local resident, Mohamed Hassan Sharti told Goobjoog News people were starting to celebrate the rains shortly before cases of death because of the floods emerged.

“We were very happy because the rains were coming after a dry spell which killed a number of people and decimated their livestock. However we are saddened to report of these deaths,” said Sharti.

Humanitarian agencies led by UN Humanitarian Affairs agency, UNOCHA last week appealed for $105 million for emergency aid support to people in Puntland and Somaliland who were facing acute food and water shortage.