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Four Red Cross volunteers and one journalist among the dead as death toll rises

Storyline:National News, Security
One of the victims of the attack being wheeled to Medina hospital Sunday. Photo: Goobjoog News|Oct 15, 2017

Four Red Cross volunteers and one journalist are among the dead in the Saturday horrific terror attack in Mogadishu with casualty figures now beyond two hundred while more than 250 others are being treated in various hospitals in the city.

Red Cross put out a statement Sunday noting several others were still missing and the number could rise. “The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) mourn the loss of life of four SRCS volunteers killed amongst many others killed and wounded following the huge explosion that detonated in a very busy street of Mogadishu yesterday,” the statement read in part.

As we continue to assess the situation on the ground, the toll remains unclear in the chaos following the blast, Red Cross said.

Meanwhile a freelance photojournalist Ali Nur Siyaad died in the incident while three others sustained injuries. National Union of Somali Journalist (NUSOJ) said Siyaad was confirmed dead Sunday morning and has since been buried in Mogadishu. Another journalist, Abdulkadir Ok working for VOA and formerly a journalist in Goobjoog FM has been transferred to intensive care unit for further treatment at Umma Hospital in the city following severe head injuries.

“He (OK) was referred to the intensive care unit and is being treated by doctors. Abdukadir Ok who is unable to speak well whispered to NUSOJ that he thanks to Allah that he luckily survived despite sustaining bad injuries,” NUSOJ said.

Former Goobjoog Business director Abdikani Ali Aden broke his leg and is admitted in Digfeer hospital. Other journalists, Mohamed Omar Baakaay (Goobjoog FM) and Ahmed Haadi sustained injuries.

“Thousands of civilians lose their life in Somalia every year as a direct consequence of the ongoing conflict. SRCS and the ICRC remind all parties that civilians are protected by international and customary laws and must be respected at all times”, said Jordi Raich, ICRC’s Head of Delegation.