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Galmudug parliament speaker Gacal show support to the FGS decision

Storyline:National News

In a press statement today the parliament speaker of Gamudug state Ali Adan Ali Gacal Casir has bestowed support to the federal government decision on Galmudug’s election and show the need for the election to be held on time.

Speaker Casir has added that the 89 members of the former Galmudug parliament will continue to work until the new parliament is elected.

The Ministry of Interior, federal affairs and reconciliation of the federal government of Somalia has yesterday called the leaders of the Galmudug state to hold the elections on time to ensure a tangible election process.

Galmudug president Ahmed Gelle Haaf, who returned to Dusamareb the capital of the region today has termed ‘unlawful’ to the statement of the FGS.

Somali government tells Galmudug to hold regional elections on time, says mandate for current leadership expires on July 4, while Galmudug has a different take of the process and previously argued current mandate end in 2 years time.

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