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Galmudug president withdraws from pact with Fed. Government

Storyline:National News

Galmudug President Ahmed Duale Guelleh Haaf has declared he is resuming his executive role after delegating power to the interior ministry following a pact with the federal government in June.

Haaf said Saturday the deal had failed since the federal government failed to implement.

In a statement, President Haaf said that the federal government had failed to deliver tangible results for the three months. He noted the Federal Government was not ready to resolve underlying issues with Alhusuna wal Jamaa.

The Galmudug leader also noted there was an abuse of power by the ministry of interior. Noting that he had resumed his executive role after delegating to the Interior Minister, Haaf accused the Federal Government of failing to honor its part of the bargain in releasing funds meant for the state.

He has stated that he will soon appoint various committees on election, reconciliation and conflict resolution in Galmudug state.

Ahmed Duale Guelleh instructed his ministers to come together no later than 10-10-2019 to accelerate the Galmudug regional leagues.

Galmududg president called on the politicians and intellectuals of Galmudug to unite and build an inclusive Galmudug.

President Haaf has also called the international community to support implementing the reconciliation process and Galmudug elections.

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