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Galmudug state Police commander resigns over Al-Shabab suspect release

Storyline:National News, Security

Galmudug regional state Police Commander Burhan Ahmed has resigned in the middle of Friday night. the commander held a press conference in Dhusamareb during his resignation explaining the circumstance why he resigned.

The commander has accused some of his leaders overpower misuses and release of Al-Shabab suspect arrested a few hours ago without proper investigations.

The commander underlined that the arrested Al-Shaba network had received telephone information on their phones linked to Al-Shabab who had been detained for further investigations in Dhusamareb district.

Burhan was previously a member of Ahlu Sunna militia who joined the federal government on February 22 this year. He was also one of the most active officers in the Galmudug capital Dhusamareb during his three-month operation in the region.

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