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Government and EU re-open renovated school in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Education Minister of federal government of Somalia Issa Mohamed Ahmed Guraase and EU envoy to Somalia  have on Monday jointly cut the tape of the renovated 11 January School in Abdiaziz district.

The Renovation of the school was implemented by European Union throug Adra NGO, its  re-opening  is part of the federal government’s plans to revive the former education system and institutions in the country that were devastated by the civil war.

Education  Minister Mr. Guraase  encouraged the students to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities in hand, he added that the federal government is making tireless efforts to improve the level of education.

He acknowledged the reconstruction of the school adding that stated that its the first school with ICT center and solar energy system that can enable students to study with ease.

Michele Cervone d’Urso, EU envoy to Somalia on his side said he is delighted and a special honour for him to participate the re-opening of 11 Janayo primary school. the envoy underlined that the co-operation between Union and the federal government has led to re-establishment of schools.

Immediately after opening of the school,the normal lessons started, the federal government of Somalia launched “Go 2 School Initiative” that will run from 2013 to 2016, with the initial goal of enrolling one million students in the first year.

To improve the numbers of students and the level of education in the country the government with the help of its partners renovated and re-opened many public schools in the capital, it started offering free education to thousands of students who hail from poverty stricken families whose parents cannot afford to pay school fees.

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