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Hargeisa mental hospital gives vocational training skills to the patients

Hargeisa Mental hospitalHargeisa mental hospital has started new vocational training skills for mentally disturbed and ill patients in the centre as hospital administration confirmed to Goobjoog FM.

Maryan Hassan, head of the mental department of Hargeisa hospital told Goobjoog FM that they teach the mentally disturbed people basic subjects including writing and reading as well as other vocational skills like sewing, masonry and electricity.

“ We built classrooms where the patients can learn different skills that can earn tem living” Mariam said.

Mrs. Mariam confirmed that medication only  is not enough to treat and care for the patients to get better.

“ We have to come up with other options that will allow the patients to feel they are cared for” she said speaking to Goobjoog correspondent in Hargeisa.

She stated that many of the recovered patients in the town are making use of the skills they gained from the hospital to earn daily bread.

“We teach them all kinds of couture including tailoring of trousers, shirts, skirts and others” she said.

“ We hope they can be useful citizens in the future” she added.

Finally she underlined that the teaching and vocational training skills employed by the hospital decreased the aggressiveness of the patients as they are always busy with their own activities.

One of the recovered patients, name withheld told Goobjoog FM that she uses the skills she got from the hospital to earn daily bread.

Hargeisa mental hospital is the only functioning mental hospital in Somaliland which gives patients medication free of charge.