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Hiiraan officials warn of expected flooding, urge speedy response

Storyline:National News

Authorities in Hiiraan region have warned of possible flooding urging humanitarian agencies to be on standby following expected overflows from the banks of river Shabelle.

Hiiraan governor Yusuf Ahmed Hagar Dabageed  said Monday the river is now full thanks to heavy rains in Ethiopian highlands where the river originates from.

“There is possible flooding in Hiiraan region, especially in Beledweyn town where it is highly expected in the coming days as Shabelle River is currently rocking to its burst.”

“The agencies do respond when the incident is happening, but now we are calling on all all the humanitarian agencies to deploy their aides before the expecting floods affect the people in the region,” said Yussuf Dabageed.

Beledweyne town, about 335 km north of Mogadishu, has been the scene of devastating flooding last year after the Shabelle River burst its banks due to heavy rainfalls.

Tens of people died and thousands displaced mid this year following weeks of flush floods in Beletwetyne and Jowhar as the river Shabelle burst its banks.

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