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hirshabelle Security minister ‘Military operation against Al-Shabab launched In L.Shabelle Region’

Storyline:National News, Security

Hirshabelle Security minister, Mohamed Abdurrahman Kheyre, told the media that somali national army launched operation some areas in the Middle Shabelle region on monday.

Security minister said that the militias were converging in the areas under the control of Adale district, and planned to carry out attacks against civilians, but somali security forces were aware of it and carried out well planned operation.

“The operation has taken the control of Buurbahar, Faqiyale and Daru Salaam which are all under the control of Adale district in the Middle Shabelle region,” said Minister Mohamed Kheyre.

The operation comes barely two weeks after Al-Shabaab militants attacked civilians in the area.

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