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Kuwait to host international education conference for Somalia next year

Storyline:National News, World

An international conference to support education in Somalia will be held in May next year, the chairman of the organizing committee for the donor conference Dr. Ghanem Al-Najjir has said.

The conference will bring together Kuwait, Somalia, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation and the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Education.

Al-Najjir told the Kuwaiti News Agency, KUNA that the conference was aimed at promoting education with the concept of building peace and economic development in Somalia.

“There is a difficult future ahead of us, unless we take action, so our outlook is based on education.” Dr. Al-Najjar said action to relieve these crises-stricken nations would begin in Somalia, with emphasis on enabling children attend school.

Al-Najjar said the conference will seek an integrated perspective aimed at securing teaching in all regions of Somalia.
Foreign Affairs minister Abdisalan Omar Hadliye said in September the conference for education in Somalia will be hosted by Kuwait later this year.

Dr. Al-Najjar expressed satisfaction at responses of UNESCO’s international group toward the Kuwaiti initiative, which envisions “new thinking and perspective.

The conference organizers will coordinate with various states, namely the Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC countries and relevant UN agencies as well as the private sector “to hammer out a solid executive perspective with aim of tackling difficulties that lie ahead.