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Leaders pledge to discuss with AMISOM about Kismayo University

Storyline:National News

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and Jubbaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islam have both pledged to discuss with AMISOM about the Kismayo University campus which is been used by the peace keepers as a military base.

On Sunday, students and the management of the university urged the top leadership of Somalia to intervene on the matter to convince AMISOM troops to vacate the campus which they have been occupying since 2012. They said it’s against the international laws for an education facility to be used as a military base.

Speaking in a ceremony during the commencement of military training held in the university campus, both leaders underlined the importance of the university and the place it holds in the society, “It’s for our youth to gain high education,” said the president.

“I heard you complaining about AMISOM using this facility. We will sit together with the AMISOM and discuss ways of solving this problem, I hope an amicable solution will arise,” said the president.

Other public facilities

NBesides Kismayo University , the Somalia Football Federation has been complaining for years about the AMISOM’s continuous use of Soccer National Stadium in Mogadishu.

They said major sporting events in Somalia are jeopardized by AMISOM who see the stadium as a perfect military installation.

Civil society activist say that the fact that security in Mogadishu and elsewhere has improved, AMISOM should consider other alternatives rather than holding on to the very important public facilities which would otherwise have been used to improve the very purpose AMISOM is here-the security.

AMISOM has said in a previous comment that if the federal government asks them to leave the stadium, they would do so.

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