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Madobe, Deni announce talks with Farmaajo

Storyline:National News

The stalemate over the electoral model is likely to ease following an announcement by Puntland and Jubbaland Thursday that they will be meeting President Mohamed Farmaajo.

The leaders of the two states said in a statement they had resolved to head to Mogadishu in a bid to resolve the gridlock on elections.
The two leaders had skipped the Dhusamareb talks accusing the Federal Government of influence over the process.
Sources have told Goobjoog News the two leaders have raised reservations over the Dhusamareb Model. Notable in their objections is the role of the electoral commission NIEC which they said should not take part.
According to the two leaders, the upcoming poll should have a major input of the Federal Member States overseen by a temporary body as was the case in 2016.
Sources also said the two leaders want the number of delegates electing MPs be reduced from the 301 proposed by the Dhusamareb Model to about 100.