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Military judge orders arrest of Wanlaweyn killers

Storyline:National News, Security

Military judge Col. Hassan Shuute has called on security forces in Wanlaweyn which has witnessed bloody clashes in the past week to move swiftly and bring to book perpetrators of the killings which have claimed at least 20 lives.

Speaking while on a visit of the area amid tension, Col. Shuute who heads the Military Court of First Instance said all those involved in the killings will be prosecuted.

“We have come here to judge those who were involved in killings of innocent people. We promise to fulfill our mission,” the judge said warning against any actions that could lead to more fighting.

At least 20 people were killed this past week and scores of families displaced after fighting flared up in the Lower Shabelle district. President Mohamed Farmaajo called for an end to the fighting and prosecution of those behind the killings.

Col. Shuute also directed the Special Forces, Danab in the area to take charge of security in the district and arrest those involved in the killings.