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MOGADISHU ATTACK: Two government reports put death toll between 290 and 350

Storyline:National News
Rescue teams carry a body retrieved from the rubble Sunday. Government presented two reports Friday with different figures on the death toll. Photo: Goobjoog News|October 15, 2017

Two reports from the ministry of health and that of humanitarian affairs have put the death toll from the October 14 attack in Mogadishu at between 290 and 350.

A statement released by Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management and communicated by the Information Minister Abdirahman Osman indicates that a total of 652 people were affected in the attack with a death toll of 358. The report says 56 people are reported missing while 228 others were injured.

But the Ministry of Health which also released a more detailed report last evening said 294 people were killed. A total of 706 cases were received in all the 12 hospitals listed by the Ministry. Out of this, 439 were admitted and while 390 were later discharged. Twenty one people died upon arrival in Erdogan and Banaadir hospitals, the report says.

Another 58 victims of the attack are on inpatient care with Medina and Erdogan hospitals hosting the most.

An official from the Ministry of Health who did not want to be named as he is not authorized to speak to the media said the figures presented are accurately captured from all hospitals. “The data we have presented is based on actual records entered in all hospitals which received victims of the attack.”

Goobjoog News could not immediately get information from the National Disaster Centre and the Humanitarian Affairs ministry regarding the disparity in the figures.

The Ministry of Health report which agrees with one from Humanitarian Affairs indicates 122 patients were flown out of the country. The Health Ministry gives a break-down thus: Turkey (35) Sudan (80) and Kenya (7). Patients airlifted by Qatar were admitted in hospitals in Sudan. The Gulf country says it will meet all the medical costs incurred.