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Murusade sub-clan accuse PM Khaire of locking out elders in Galmudug elections

Storyline:National News

Four of the bonafide elders responsible for selecting MPs for Galmudug parliament have been struck out of the list and accusations are now being directed at government officials including Prime Minister Hassan Khaire.

Goobjoog News has established that the elders from the Murusade sub-clan, who participated in the selection of the first parliament in 2015 were replaced with others in unclear circumstances.

Muse Mohamud Ali a signer of the 2015 list was replaced by Hassan Sabriye to represent the Habar Mohamed Hilibi sub-clan. Abdullahi Dahir Mohamed from Dagooro sub-clan was replaced by Abdikadir Wabeen.

The third elder, Iman Jimaale Farah from Abakar sub-clan was replaced by Ali Shine while Mohamed Dheere took the place of Mohamed Abdi Bade from Abdulle sub-clan.

Only two elders- Mohamed Hassan Haad and Nabadoon Bootan remained in the original list. Elders who spoke to Goobjoog News said Daynile District Commissioner Jaif Abukar Ali and Prime Minister Khaire were behind the move to bar the four elders from participating in the selection of the MPs.