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National party coalition (FNP) Press Release over Galmudug election

Storyline:National News

The national party coalition (FNP) Press Release called on Galmudug opposing political parties over contradicting elections to held conference and open negotiation panel for a genuine solution to the Galmudug people.

The FNP worried about the complex political dynamics of the region and warned the federal government over the interruption of Galmudug electoral process which leads politicians to discharge and escape the election.

“The FNP underscored that the event unfolding Galmudug over the past few mouths are emblematic of the federal government dismissal record in terms of the political process that inspire the political stakeholders. Since coming to power, President Mohamed Abdullahi (Farmajo) and Prime Minister Hassan Ali kheyre left no stone unturned to dismantle and destabilized all federal member states without exception” stated in the press.

The newly elected president, Ahmed Abdi Kariye and his vice president are remodelling political disrupted society in addition to his running mate disagreement in Galmudug regional state.

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