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NCC adopts revised security architecture, agrees to fast track implementation

Storyline:National News, Security

GOOBJOOG NEWS|BAIDOA: Federal and state leaders meeting for two days this past week agreed to fast-track the operationalisation of the National Security Architecture which was approved by parliament in 2017 and later revised in October 2022.

The meeting under the auspices of the National Consultative Council however deferred the subject of elections to May this year when the Council will be meeting again.

On the National Security Architecture (NSA), the Council said the architecture was adopted in May 2017 and also re-affirmed in October 2022 will focus on the number of troops, duties of the security agencies, order and sequencing and the management of the financial needs of the security sector.

On the number of troops, the NSA envisages the formation of a 30,000-strong Somali National Army excluding Special Forces, Navy and Airforce These forces will be distributed along the boundaries of each Federal Member State.

There will also be 30,000 Police forces which will be distributed between the two levels of government while the Federal Member States will also have their Darawish paramilitary units which shall operate only within the jurisdictions of each FMS.

The ground forces will be made up of the 12th, 21st, 26th and 60th divisions. The NSA also says those who wish to join the military must be the age of 18 and will retire at the age of 62.


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