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Over 10 Somali students graduate from Utara University in Malaysia

Storyline:National News

More than 10 Somali students became part of hundreds of students who graduated one of the biggest University in Malaysia, Utara University in Kedah region of North West Malaysia.

The graduating students comprises of those who have completed bachelor degree and those who completed masters of different faculties.
Meanwhile, a well executed farewell ceremony organized by the students Union was held in a hotel near the University campus.

The ceremony was attended by Somali community from all walks led the chairman of Somali community in Malaysia Abdikadir Mohamed Oday, The president of Somali students Union in Utara University of Malaysia Abdifatah Ahmed ,the president foreign students Union Osman Sola and other dignitaries.

The chairman of Somali communities sent congratulatory message to the graduating students from UUM and urged them to work and take part in the developmental activities going in their home country.

The chairman of foreign students Union Osman Sola speaking during the ceremony said Somali students in the country are more organized compared to the other foreign students.

“The other foreign students are not organized” he said “ so your Unity and organization will lead to promotion of education level of Somali students” he added.

The last three month over hundred Somali students have graduated from the different Universities in Malaysia.

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