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Over 350 students sit for scholarship exams in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News
Agaasimaha wasaarada hidaha iyo tacliinta sare
The general director of ministry of culture and higher education Ismail Yussuf Osman

Over three hundred  and fifty Somali students sat for scholarship exams prepared by the ministry of culture and higher education in Mogadishu on Thursday.

The general director of the ministry Ismail Yusuf Osman in a press conference said that the ministry has received 100 and 180 scholarship grants from the republic of Yemen and Sudan respectively.

He added that the ministry has set exams to select the best candidates among the applicants.

The ministers for culture and higher education, Education and Women affairs and human right of federal government addressed the students before the exams started, they praised the governments that provided scholarship grants to Somalia and urged the student to be courageous.

The ministers also pushed the girls to compete with the boys so as to eliminate the taboo that Somali girls are less active than boys.

The governments of Sudan, Yemen and Turkey has granted the highest number of scholarship to Somali students since the collapse of Central government 1991.