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President Farmaajo unveils 1 million primary school books

Storyline:National News

President Mohamed Farmaajo has today officially unveiled one million books published and printed locally for primary schools as the government endevours to standardize education system in the country.

The president said the one million student books alongside 102,000 teachers’ guide will be instrumental in enhancing teaching and learning across the country.

According to a statement from Villa Somalia, the books will reach 300,000 students in 915 schools countrywide. The government now runs 24 public schools carrying 65,000 students. These schools were previously run by private organisations following the collapse of government in 1991.

Pupils display a science book following the unveiling by President Mohamed Farmaajo. Photo: Villa Somalia

“If you want to know human development and how countries develop, it is about quality of education and how many children you educate,” the President said. He added the government will continue expanding access to education and even supporting children from poor families to get education.

“We want to make education affordable and even support those who are not able,” the head of state added.

Most of the primary and secondary schools are run by private entities which have been instrumental in filing the gap since the early 1990s. The government rolled out first standardized national examinations in 2015 with about 7,000 students sitting for the exams. That number has since risen to over 30,000.