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President Mohamud: Invest in Science and Technology to favourably compete globally

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has said Somalia can effectively compete with the rest of the word if it invested in science and technology.

President Mohamud noted he was keen on rebuilding the core sectors of the economy particularly in science and technology to boost the country’s self reliance and development. He called on Somalis to actively take part in the reconstruction process and not to depend on foreigners to develop the country.

“The reconstruction of the country is important. It’s our responsibility. We should not rely on others to develop the country. I am glad to see that Somali people responded to my call to rebuild the country. Science and technology leads to development. I am here to congratulate the National University’s effort to revive this faculty,’ the president said.

The president spoke during the laying of the foundation stone for the College of Science and Technology at the National University of Somalia which reopened in 2014 after remaining closed for several years as a result of the civil war.

President Mohamud added his government was to launch a 500 km road connecting Mogadishu and the coastal town of Hobyo noting that this would boost transport and trade in the country. He said the road will be the first of a kind to be constructed in Somalia adding that Somali scholars will be involved in the project.

The Somali National University was established in 1954 in the Trust Territory of Somalia. It later obtained official university status in 1969.