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President Shakir warns FGS not to use military force in Galmudug

Storyline:National News, Security

A press release from Sheikh Shakir’s office mentions the Galmudug Society and the International Community that the federal government of Somalia has failed to establish an inclusive administration for Galmudug region.

Galmudug president for Ahlu-Sunah, Sheikh Mohamed Shakir said that the situation in Galmudug seems Al-Shabab could resize Galmudug region anytime and that Ahlu-Sunna will not accept it.

Sheikh Shakir also called on the federal government, regional governments and the international community to form an all-inclusive independent committee that solved the disagreement between the federal government and federal member state until political stability enhances in the country.

Finally, Sheikh Shakir warned the federal government not use forces trained by the United States and Turkey to oppress the people of Galmudug for political interests.

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