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SNA conduct operation in Baidoa town ahead of the election

Storyline:National News, Security

Somali National Army forces that were deployed to Baidoa town the headquater of the Southwest state region have today started conducting massive operations to tight the security of the town ahead of the SW state presidential election.

The operation conducted in some part of the town was safe and confirmed that the soldiers were friendly with the people and they were searching for unknown men who have yesterday carried a grenade bombing attack in the town.

Witnesses confirmed that the soldiers have arrested several young people who were later taken to a police station for further investigations.

The federal government of Somalia has deployed heavy security forces to Baidoa town on Saturday to reinforce the Southwest security forces in the election.

Baidoa town has been the last days increased the campaign for the presidency of the South West Administration for a number of candidates contesting to win the seat.

The South West state electoral committee has on Saturday postponed the presidential election for the fourth time to 19th Dec 2018 which was before scheduled to be conducted on December 5 2018.

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