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SNA forces take over Amara district of Mudug region

Storyline:National News, Security

Units of the 21st Division of the Somali National Army, led by the commander of General Abdiaziz Abdullah have conducted a planned operation in the Amara district of Mudug, one of Al Shabaab’s most feared locations.

The operation took place throughout the Amara region as residents inquired about the group’s damage to the population during their ruling.

The commander of the 21st Division who spoke to the people of Amara told them that the troops will move forward and the plan is to reach all other areas free.

The military forces of the country are officially on the streets of Amara and have been greeted with joy and excitement by the people of Amara who have been waiting for this step for a long time.

Command has 21 central planning militias operations on areas they are hiding in the central part of Mudug region. The planning of the operations and the government’s ability to constrain the group is now increasing.

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