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SNA killed 11 Al-Shabab fighters in security Operation, Bakol region

Storyline:National News, Security

Somali national army (SNA) killed 11 Al-Shabab militants in an operation in the outskirts of Bakol region Military on Sunday.

The commander of the Somali infantry division, Abdihamid Mohamed Dirir, told reporters that SNA conducted a sting operation in Abal and villages in that area and they have retaken the area and it is under the control of the army.

Residents say the government troops attacked Al-Shabab base caused heavy gunfire between the two sides but later government forces seized the town and around the areas as the militants were chased out.

On the other hand, in separate report indicates Al-Shabab militants claim victory and say they have killed 15 military in the battlefield at Abal village.

Somali forces have intensified operations against Al-Shabab strongholds bases in Bakol region thought still carry out ambushes and planting landmines in rural areas.

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