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Somali students who won scholarships depart for Ethiopia

Storyline:National News

Jaamacadda Addis AbabaAbout 50 Somali students departed today for Ethiopia after getting scholarships granted by Ethiopian government to Somali Federal government. They were seen off by the Somali minister for education Du’ale Adan Mohamed at the Adan Ade International airport in Mogadishu.

The minister reminded the students the need to stay steadfast in their education and come back to the country equipped with much need skills and knowledge.

They will be attending a university in Addis Ababa, and this marks the first time Somali students receives scholarships from Ethiopia through the federal Somali government.

Some of the students were asked about their feeling expressed joy and delight; they said they are eager to join the university.

Previously only Somaliland and Puntland Somali states sent students to Somali regional state of Ethiopia’s Jig Jiga University for scholarships.

Other countries that granted scholarships to Somali students are Turkey, Sudan, Yemen and Iraq.

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