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Somalia donates over 90 million lire to Turkey.

Storyline:National News

Today, the Somali government handed over a donation collected from Somali householders to the Turkish embassy in Somalia to support those affected by the earthquake that hit Turkey in early February and killed more than 45,000 people.

An event organized by the ad hoc committee assigned by the prime minister to collect money from Somali people occurred in the Somali National Theatre to hand over ninety million seven hundred fourteen thousand lire of solidarity to Turkish diplomatic missions in Somalia.

Most Somali leaders, including the Somali prime minister, Hamze Abdi Barre, and parliament speakers attended the ceremony.

In early February, when the bad news of the earthquake reported, the Somali prime minister, Hamze, formed committee consisting of members of civil society, ministers, and Islamic leaders to stand and collect monetary donations from the public and the country’s administrations to show solidarity to the Turkish people.

Somalia is struggling with severe drought and conflicts that have evicted a considerable number of people from their homes, but that does not stop them from being part of the country’s response to the request of the people affected by the earthquake that hit Turkey. Somali students are among the victims of the earthquake.

Apart from the money collected by the government, Somali business people and citizens delivered some charities to the Turkish embassy in Somalia and the Somali embassy in Turkey to support people displaced by the earthquake.

A large community of Somalis (refugees, business people, students, and residents) live in Turkey.

Somalis remember Turkey for its relief to Somalia in 2011 when a raving drought hit the country.

Analysts have said that the aid provided by the government of Somalia to Turkey today is parallel and can help a lot in strengthening the relationship between the two countries and connecting their citizens’ businesses.

Turkey supports Somalia in many ways, first of all, in the fight against terrorism and in reconstructing the country’s armed forces.