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somalia international partners on galmudug reconciliation conference

Storyline:National News

Somalia international partners welcome the opening of the Galmudug Reconciliation Conference convened in Dhusamareb.

Press released underscores the importance of an inclusive reconciliation process as an essential step towards the holding of state elections in Galmudug.

‘We welcome the commitment demonstrated by all stakeholders to an inclusive reconciliation process and commend the efforts of the Prime Minister as well as the Galmudug state and community leaders to bring all the communities together for this event.’

The agreement to join in the Conference by delegates who travelled to Dhusamareb following the conclusion of their deliberations in Hobyo.

‘We express our hope that the dialogue is fruitful, and that the Conference lays the foundation for a unified and stable Galmudug state’.

Galmudug reconciliation conference which was organized by the office of the Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheyre in coordination with the Ministry of Interior is expected to produce a roadmap to state elections before the end of the year as well as resolving political differences among various interest groups living in the area.

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