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Southwest regional forces seize 800 bags of maize forcibly taken by al-Shabab from farmers

Storyline:National News, Security

Southwest regional forces attacked Al-Shabab tax collection base in Bur-Eyle village about 35km northeast of Burhakaba on late Saturday afternoon.

According to Southwest regional security officials, regional forces killed three Al-Shabab militants and seized 800 bags of maize vigorously taken by militias from villagers.

In a short video clip released by the Southwest regional force shows tax collection station own by Al-Shabab in the village which is used for financial income.

Another operation launched by Somali national army recovered 400 goats from al-Shabab taken from Moqokori resident after government troops raided their base.

Somali National Army operation comes barely a week after Al-Shabab attacked government troops based in El-salini where they killed 20 government soldiers leaving four others badly injured.

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