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SWS president Laftagareen names 10 ministers to serve in new cabinet

Storyline:National News

Southwest State president Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen has today unveiled his first cabinet made up 10 ministers.

The new cabinet becomes the first by President Laftagareen who was elected on December 2018 to the office.

The following are the new ministers appointed by president Laftagreen.

  1. Ahmed Madow Nuunow-Ministry of Planning and Investment Planning
  2. Mohamed Abukar Abdi -Ministry internal affairs and local government
  3. Issack Ali Subuk -Ministry of Internal Security
  4. Mustaf Ali Idow -Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
  5. Feisal Abdullahi Ali -Ministry of Employment and Labor
  6. Abdirahman Osman Malaq -Ministry of Education
  7. Abdikani Abdullahi Mohamed-Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Transport
  8. Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed (Mashruc)-Ministry of Public Works and Reconstruction
  9. Mohamed Ali Hassan-Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  10. Ahmed Mohamed Hussein-Ministry of Finance.

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