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Thanks but no thanks, Galmudug’s Haaf tells Farmaajo ahead of crucial talks

Storyline:National News
President Mohamed Farmaajo addressing residents of Guri’el town in Galgadud region during a whirlwind tour of the region last year. With him is Galmudug president Ahmed Haaf. Photo: Goobjoog News

President Mohamed Farmaajo’s efforts at intervening in the political disputes in Galmudug hit a brick wall Sunday after Galmudug state president Ahmed Haaf said he did not need the president’s services and instead asked him to ‘stop interfering with his administration’.

In a hard hitting statement Sunday ahead of the anticipated talks Monday, Haaf said the only form of intervention was for the federal government to ‘stop interfering with federal states and Galmudug in particular’.

“The problems in Galmudug whether security or political are cooked at Villa Somalia,” Haaf said. “The federal government will be held responsible.”

“After considering the decision by the federal member states to cease cooperation with the federal government, it is not possible for us to attend the Mogadishu meeting.”

The statement from Galmudug barely 18 hours to the expected meeting deals a blow to the President who is reported to have specifically skipped the UN General Assembly in New York to hold talks with the leaders of Galmudug.

Villa Somalia confirmed Saturday in a tweet the President will open the talks Monday.

“I am confident all the parties will compromised and come to an agreement to end the political disputes and have a common interest in development in order to continue the progress initiated by the Federal Government,” the presidency said.

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But Haaf poured cold water on the President’s overtures Sunday noting his team did not need to travel to Mogadishu but instead is ‘calling on federal government to stop interfering and remove foreigners in Galmudug who are inciting and fueling instability in Galmudug’.

Haaf who was ‘impeached’ by a section of MPs allied to state assembly speaker Ali Asir early this month also accused the federal government of ignoring decisions reached by the federal member states during the Kismayu meeting on the 8th of this month. During the meeting, the leaders set out a litany of accusations against Mogadishu and declared cession of cooperation.

The President should wait for the recommendations and way forward from the Senate, the Galmudug leader added. A total of 48 Senators concluded their ten days mission yesterday to the federal states to engage and address concerns raised by state leaders. The Senators are expected to table their report in the coming weeks.

Haaf also said the federal government should ‘stop tricks’ aimed at divide and rule. HirShabelle president Mohamed Waare broke ranks with his colleagues this past week after a week-long talks in Mogadishu. Haaf said he would work with the federal government but noted he would regret should Mogadishu fail to honor its side of the bargain.