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The first round of inter-school competition opens in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

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The first round of inter-school completion, Kadis 2014-2015 academic year between Banadir secondary schools has official opened in Mogadishu on Thursday, 43 secondary schools are taking part in the competition.

The inter-school competition is implemented by City University and aired by Goobjoog FM and Mandeeq Radio.

Four secondary schools, Muad Binu Jabal vs Mustaqbal and Wadajir vs Eynu Rahma are starting the first round of the competition.

The committee facilitating the inter-schoolcompetition led by the chairman of the group Abdirahman Sheikh Yusuf are ready.

Mustaqbal and Muad binu Jabal schools face one another first, each school was asked seven questions.

Mustaqbal secondary school managed to move to the second round after answering four questions out of the possible questions asked while Muad binu Jabal answered three questions as the committee announce the competition.

On the other hand Ainu Rahma secondary school was to face Wadajir school in the competition, but one of the schools, Wadajir failed to attend the venue where the competition was taking place, therefore Ainu Rahma was declared the winner and moved to the second round.

54 schools have taken part in 2013-2014 inter-school completion.

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