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Two schools reach the second round of inter-school competition

Storyline:National News

The first round of inter-school competition is actively going on in Mogadishu, particularly Somali media academy, on Thursday four schools Al-Anwar, Al-Nashad, Dharkenley and Al-sha’ab met respectively.

The first phase of the competition Al-Anwar and Al-Nashad schools met, the committee tossed seven questions to each school. Al-Anwar managed to answer six questions out of the seven asked while Al-Nashad answered five questions correctly.

In the second phase of the competition two other schools Dharkenley and Al-Sha’ab competed, Dharkenley managed to answered three questions out of the possible seven questions while Al-Sha’ab got correctly four questions out of seven questions asked.

At the end of the competition the committee announced the results. The chairman of the committee praised the hard work and the discipline of all schools during the competition and urged them to continue the same sprit throughout the competition.

He called the remaining schools to follow suit and adviced the students to work hard and exercise healthy competition “ let the sky be your limit” the chairman said.

The schools garnered the following points: Al-Anwar 14 points, Al-Nashad 12 points, Dharkenley 6 points and Al-Sha’ab 8 points, therefore Al-Anwar and Al-Sha’ab managed to move to the second round of inter-school competition, Kadis.