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Two soldiers executed for rape of 10 year old boy, two more raped in Baidoa

Storyline:National News, Security

Two soldiers who were under custody for the rape of a ten year old boy in July were publicly executed this morning in Baidoa a day after two other boys were raped.

Goobjoog News correspondent in the South West state capital reports the two were paraded in the outskirts of the town before facing the firing squad. It remains unclear if the two had been convicted by a court.

The two were executed by the 60th Division of the Somali National Army. The execution follows pressure from clerics and elders in Baidoa amid increasing cases of rape of boys.

A Quran school male teacher was raped Sunday by unknown people and he later died. Sources said the alleged rapists came and asked him to accompany them to go and pray for a sick person. He was taken in a car, locals said.

On Monday, a young boy was picked by a car and later raped. The boy is still alive, our correspondent reports. However, there are no arrests yet.

Elders and clerics marched to the police station Monday evening demanding action and threatened to mobilise the public for demonstration should the alleged rapists not face justice.