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Unidentified aircraft dropped leaflets about Jehad Serwan Mostafa in Bay region, southwest

Storyline:National News, Security

Report from Bay region indicates Unidentified aircraft dropped leaflets over Dinsor town asking people to report the Jehad Serwan Mostafa location, the highest-ranking US citizen fighting alongside Al-Shabab group. Reports indicate the Leaflets promise $5 million rewards plus self-security to the reporter.

This move comes after Somali national army supported by the U.S AFRICOM and AMISOM launched an operation in southwest Somalia. On Friday Gen. Stephen Townsend, U.S. Africom Commander spent two weeks in east African to ensure AL-Shabab militant won’t cross any other country and flash out from Somalia within 2020.

U.S AFRICOM establishes every month targeted airstrike to Al-Shabab militant in Somalia which lead Al-Shabab to lower their strength and operations in Somalia.

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