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United state embassy in Mogadishu released a press statement

Storyline:National News

The united state embassy in Somalia sends congratulation and welcomed the new Galmudug president, Ahmed Abdi Kariya (Qoorqoor) who wins Galmudug presidential election on 2 Sunday election in the capital Dhusamareb, Galmudug region.

In the statement NOTED:

“The United States calls on everyone to commit to participating in a peaceful dialogue that jointly addresses the challenges facing the region and the country. It is the responsibility of everyone to avoid the threat and/or use of violence. To that end, we congratulate the newly elected President of Galmudug State”, Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qoor-Qoor).

“Galmudug is critical to the future of Somalia and to the continued response to ongoing threats to the security of the Somali people. A reenergized process of dialogue and compromise will be necessary on all sides. The United States remains committed, determined and focused on advancing our shared goals and objectives of realizing a secure and prosperous Somalia for all Somalis. The people of Somalia demand it, future generations expect it, and Somalia’s leaders must enact it”

This statement released after Galmudug political rivals denied Galmudug electoral process backed by the federal government which lead different administration expressing Galmudug regional leadership to come up from the election.

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