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Somaliland released press over Puntland regional forces attack in Sanang region

Storyline:National News, Security

The commander of the Somaliland Army Forces declared that Puntland regional forces attacked Somaliland troops in Sanang region. According to a press statement issued by Somaliland, Puntland forces launched a two-day attack in the areas of Sanaag, but the Somaliland forces defended themselves.

“Puntland forces attacked the governor of Lass Qoray under Somaliland which they attempted to assassinate him, but God saved, they are still in the grip of the people of Somaliland and the surrounding areas, this morning around 6:30 am,” these forces try to fight from local Kadhada 18 km Yube area, there were clashes between Puntland warlords and Somaliland army but Somaliland troops succeeded in the battle by capturing weapons and vehicles,” said the command of Somaliland Armed Forces.

The statement also stated that Somaliland was not always ready for war, but that they would defend themselves against invasion, accusing Puntland regional state of creating conflict in the Sanaag region.

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