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Hiran regional governor Warns aid agencies against food distribution outside Baledweyn

Storyline:National News

Hiran regional governor, Ali Jeyte Osman issued a strong warning to humanitarian organizations working in the region about work commitment protocols in Baledweyn last night.

“We recommend all the aid agencies to work with the state government on river floods initiatives for sake of resident long terms future and the region, Failure to do so, the body will face in accordance with the state rules and regulation,” Jette said.

The governor pleaded any aid agency that distributes material outside the town will be taken against the most appropriate action and expel from the city.

The governor also declared that Hirshabelle State government has made progress on river Shabelle floods in Beledweyne city and that helps the resident to stay their homes instead of displacement.

Ali Jeyte Osman has been appointed for the governorship of Hiraan region on 19th September 2017 by the Hirshabelle state president, Mohamed Abdi Ware.

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