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Ahmed Elmi Karash elected as the vice president of Puntland state

Storyline:National News

Ahmed Elmi Karash is also declared as the vice president of Puntland state with 47 votes in the third round after defeating Abdi Ibrahim Warsame who also acquired only 19 votes in the third round out of the 60 MPs of the Puntland state parliament.

Said Abdullahi Deni who was a former minister of planning and a member of parliament in the federal government of Somalia was barely some hours ago declared as the new President of Puntland State of Somalia.

The Puntland voting election which has kicked off early Tuesday in Garowe town Puntland’s administrative capital, where 60 members of the Puntland state were electing the president and the vice president of the state has now been concluded successfully.

Election monitors from the federal government of Somalia, IGAD and the international community are also present in the hall.

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