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I am ready for elections, Deni says, rubbishes claims of term extension

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS|GAROWE: Puntland President Abdullahi Deni has dismissed accusations that intends to extend his term in office once his tenure lapses in January noting that he is ready to face the ballot when the time comes.

Speaking last night during the 25th anniversary of Pntland’s finding in 1998, President Deni said he was ‘unequivocal’ in his stance on term limits.

“I want to tell you here, the government that I am in charge of, especially the cabinet and myself, I am telling the people of Puntland, and I am telling them loudly, that the government that I am the head of is hoping or ready for the election on time,” Deni said.

The outgoing reader was reacting to widespread claims that he intends to secure an extended stay in office through the recent district council elections and changes to the constitution.

The state parliament last week approved changes to the constitution which will allow for one-person-one-vote elections. The opposition claimed that Deni may ask parliament for more time to implement the universal vote option ahead of the January 8 presidential elections.

At least two petitions have been filed at the Constitutional Court challenging the constitutional changes.