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Alhu Sunna releases list of MPs for Galmudug parliament

Storyline:National News

Alhu Sunna Wal Jamaa has released its list of 20 MPs to sit in the next Galmudug parliament following a deal reached last month with the Federal Government.

According to the deal, the group which had been at loggerheads with Galmudug administration until last December when they formed a unity government was allotted 20 seats to be distributed within clans using a set matrix.

However, the new list which Alhu Sunna has released and presented to the international community does not follow to the latter the distribution matrix. According to the matrix, Alhu Sunna was granted one slot for every sub-clan with less than 8 MPs and two for sub-clans with 8 MPs in the current Parliament. For sub-clans with 12 MPs, Alhu Sunna would take 2 seats while for those with 15, the group would get 3 seats.

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But the new list does not necessarily conform with the set formula. For example, Ayr sub-clan which Alhu Sunna draws its main strength from will cede 5 seats to the group instead of one while Saleban which would have surrendered one seat ended up with two seats for Alhu Sunna.

The following is the list of selected MPs and respective sub-clans

  1. Ahmed Mohamed Adan- Marehan
  2. Bashir Sheikh Ahmed Awaale- Sa’ad
  3. Bashir Haashi Diraa- Duduble
  4. Abdikadir Juun Barre- Ayr
  5. Abdirahman Ali Mohamud- Saleeban
  6. Abdi Mohamed Farah- Saleeban
  7. Ali Mohamud Fidow- Murusade
  8. Ali-dhoof Adan Yusuf- Ayr
  9. Anab Mohamed Osoble Wasuge- Dir
  10. Ibaado Yusuf Ahmed- Ayr
  11. Mahad Abdi Hersi- Marehan
  12. Mahad Keli Warsame- Marehan
  13. Mohmed Ali Hersi- Sa’ad
  14. Mowiid Sheikh Ali Tahlil-Marehan
  15. Mursal Mohamed Yusuf Heefow-Ayr
  16. Muhuyadiin Sheikh Abdullahi Osman- Shiqaal
  17. Saadaq Yusuf Ibrahim-Dir
  18. Shair Sheegow Mohamed- Saruur
  19. Hussein Ahmed Arab- Dir
  20. Yasiin Mohamed Abdirahman- Ayr